"Two Decades Of Jazz"

The new album Two Decades Of Jazz is a celebration of a life so far, dedicated to the art of jazz, by Albare



The new double album contains x 110 minutes of highlights, also featuring material no longer available from Albare's first x 2 albums – “Acid Love” & “What Goes Around Comes Around”. The new collection is actually a personal selection by Albare, blending what he considers his most important musical moments to date, into his more than x 20-year journey into recording jazz. The whole package is mastered by world, renowned engineer Leon Zervos, who also breathes new life into the selection.




Two Decades Of Jazz combines to feature some of the world’s finest musicians, vocalists & studio engineers. All who have contributed to the ongoing journey that is Albare. They include,

Bass Players: Jonathan Zion, Yunior Terry, Evripedes Evripedou
Drummers: Antonio Sanchez, Pablo Bencid, Andrew Gander, Daryn Farrugia, Tony Floyd, Dave Beck
Pianists: Phil Turcio, Joe Chindamo, Kathryn Wood, Leo Genovese, Scott Griffiths
Saxophonists: George Garzone, Rob Burke, Tony Hicks
Trumpeters: Chanile
Percussionists: Alex Pertout
Harmonicists: Hendrik Meurkens
Vocalists: Allan Harris, James Ulove, Kim Collins, Jason Mashado, Melissa James
Mastering & Studio Engineers: Matthias Winckelmann, Steve Smart, Evripedes Evripedou, Chanile, Leon Zervos, Tony Espie, Lawrence Maddy

Now available through all electronic outlets and soon to be available on CD through Enja Recordings Internationally