Albare Two Decades of Jazz on JAZZ WEEKLY by George Harris

Gotta like the wide swath of this guys axe

Guitarist Albare (“Albert Dadon”) is featured in a wide variety of moods and styles on this two disc set that covers the past score year of the artist/philanthropists music. The wide variety here is quite impressive, ranging from clean and gentle cool sounds on “What Goes Around” and ”Overjoyed” to the simmering latin “After the Rain.” Some great acoustic bohemia is shown on “South” and “Brazil Blues” which closes the first disc, and by the time you get to the second disc, and the second phase, of Albare’s career you get a lot of Afro Pop, as in “Acid Love” and “No Excuse.” Most intriguing is his delving into Methney-esque sounds and moods on “Expectations” and “Moving On” which show that this guy uses his strings as a way to take you to various atmospheres, environments and moods. Gotta like the wide swath of this guys axe.