One of the hallmarks of Albare’s playing is his beautiful guitar sound, which he personally developed with the help of independent engineers and Gibson Guitars who has been endorsing Albare for over 20 years.

Most of Albare’s guitars are made in Gibson’s custom shop. His current touring guitar is a 1961 175 with a classic vintage sound. The woods from this guitar are no longer available. Other guitars used by Albare on stage include a custom Les Paul with a hollow body and a super 400 scale neck. Albare has a collection of over 40 guitars.


Preamp used by Albare is custom made by Theo Anastasopoulos. The preamp uses a patent that works with both a solid state and analog valves at the same time.

This enables Albare a. to have a sound that is consistent whether playing live or at the studio, b. work with any amp and gets pretty much control over the tone colors.

Albare preferred backline amp is the Roland Jazz Chorus 120.

Effects and Pedals: vintage Lexicon reverb PCM 60, a series of Eventide pedals on custom settings for various sound effects.